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How Much Opportunity Are You Losing To
Low Review Numbers?

Who Do You Call First?

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Consumers want to feel good about their choices. They want to believe the business they call has the ability to handle their problem. 

Third party reviews impart this feeling for prospects. 

The business with the most reviews gets the first bite of the apple! 

7 Reasons You Need More Reviews

1. 98% of people read online reviews
2. 81% trust Google reviews. By far the largest review site
3. Consumers read around 10 reviews before making a decision about a local business. 
4. 84% say reviews are important or very important for service area businesses and professionals
5. Review signals on Google make up to 15% of how Google ranks a business
6. A 0.1 star increase in a brands’ average rating can increase conversion rate by 25%
7. 85% of consumers think local reviews OLDER than 3 months are not relevant
*Stats from Bright Local Consumer Review Survey 2022 

Who Do You Call First?

What About The Numbers?

How much do low review numbers really cost you?

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What Happens When We Increase The Number of Reviews?

Herrara Law Firm has been in business over 10  years. When we contact their past clients with our proven review system, we anticipate gaining about reviews from about 10% of clients in the last 12 months. Plus, another 5% from the 6 months prior to that. This will allow Herrara Law Firm to increase their review count significantly, as seen below. But what does this mean in terms of revenue?

The Increased Reviews Equal An Increase in Income

The total opportunity available is estimated from the number of searches reported by Google multiplied by the average % of clicks on businesses in the maps pack. We have always known how important it is to be in the maps pack. Now, you can quantify it’s impact on YOUR income based on a percentage of the total available clicks.

For Herrera Law Firm, 300 New Reviews Would Equal $480,076 In Increased Revenue Opportunity per Month

This is an increase of $5,760,912 in total annual revenue opportunity, IF THEY DO NOTHING ELSE!

traffic value calculator

Are You Ready To Get Your Share of the Google Opportunity? Doesn't Your Business Deserve The MOST Reviews?