Which Accountant Do You Call First?

Calculator Instructions

Here’s how you obtain your monthly opportunity from the Google Search Results in Maps. 

1. Find the volume of your search term. The easiest method is to use this tool from Wordstream:

Wordstream Free Keyword Tool (Click on link) Suggested search terms: 

Bookkeepers City
City Bookkeepers Services
Bookkeepers City

Place the number found into the calculator in the green box. 

2. Use your Lifetime Value of a Client (LTV) in the green box.

If you do not know this number, simply use the total amount of revenue last year divided by the total number of clients. This will provide the average revenue per client. A good starting point.

3. Go to Google.com and enter the search term matching the value found in step #1. 

4. Enter the review numbers found in the map box (See sample below the calculator.)

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